Recall Language

Grounds for Recall

Representative Holmes has demonstrated unsuitable conduct, is unfitĀ for office and should be recalled. She has:

  • Sworn on her Declaration of Candidacy that she was a Democrat. Membership in a political party implies a certain political belief system and is an important factor by which voters evaluate a candidate.
  • Made representations to district residents and her supporters that she would serve in the legislature as a Democrat.
  • Solicited campaign contributions, making representations that she would serve in the legislature as a member of a Democratic caucus.
  • Deceived voters by misrepresenting her intended political party.
  • She formally changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican immediately before being sworn in. In doing so, she adopted the political and legislative philosophy voters elected her to oppose.
  • Said, “I think in a lot of ways it has been something I’ve been moving toward for the entire six years I’ve been in the legislature.”
  • As a representative, she joined the Republican caucus and voted for a Republican speaker and a Republican-led organization of the House.
  • Misrepresented herself to voters and Division of Elections, thereby qualifying as deception, unfit conduct, and subject to recall vote.

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